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TECH Accelerator Powered by PTI
Elevate Your Search Engine Ranking

Tech Accelerator, powered by PTI, develops organic Search Engine Ranking or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content development. Ever wonder why your Ecommerce or Marketing website is underperforming with search engine top results? This program explains what is necessary to generate online sales leads, without costly Paid Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Tech Accelerator is a 5-step program. We start with our 9-Point Assessment. This Assessment reviews all your digital assets. Then, the PTI team takes their 23 years of programming knowledge, and transforms your data into effective search engine ranking content.

In summary, we research, develop, and customize your data. This newly structured data can be imported back into your ERP database (example: Sage 100), which gives you the option to sync with your website.

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What is organic SEO or Search Engine Ranking?

Organic SEO is building, into your website, the features that obtain top search engine ranking results, also called Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Can Tech Accelerator help my Marketing website?

Yes, we can leverage your products and services successfully. Then later, if you begin an Ecommerce website, you already have maximum positioning as you enter the B2C and (or) B2B marketplace.

What exactly is the Tech Accelerator program?

It is the PTI team of professionals applying their knowledge and expertise through software to enhance your online sales of your products and services. This provides you the best customer success experience.

What is involved in Tech Accelerator 5-Step program?

1) Evaluate – 9-Point Assessment
2) Strategize – Research, Content Development, and Program
3) Plan – Workflow Layout
4) Execute – ERP Integration
5) Train – Communication, Teamwork, and Support

Responsive Website Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, SSL (Security Socket Layer), Website Security, Ecommerce and ERP Integration, Multilingual Solution, Email Campaign, Backup Plan, and more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also known as the process of ranking.  We know the details how  your customers can find you through organic website programming, blog/article content writing and more.

Photography, Video, Multimedia Presentations, Interactive Animations, Web Sliders, Social Media, YouTube unrelated videos eliminated at the end of your video and more.

Additional Services

PTI Content Writing
Content Writing

Media projects

Google My Business

Appear on Google maps
Respond to reviews

PTI Website analytics
Website Analytics

SEO reports
SEO recommendations

PTI Database knowledge
Database Knowledge

ERP (Sage 100 and others)
WordPress MySQL database

PTI Logo Design
Logo Design

Logo creation
Logo enhancement

PTI Company brochures
Company Brochures

1-page or series
Line cards w/hyperlinks

PTI Business Cards
Business Cards

Layout options
Vector graphics

PTI Favicon services

Your logo in browsers

Custom Solutions

We listen to customer’s requests, strategize, and implement custom technology solutions.

Multilingual Websites

We develop full multilingual website navigation, pages, and translation services.


We sell software packages for malware protection, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and regular backup plans.

Web Server

We program modifications to your website server for better performance.

Did you know?

23 years ago

A small to medium website was created using only 200-300 files or less.

Now they are typically over 15,000 files to create and maintain.

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So many pieces

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