One of the elements overlooked in a website is fun.  An informative and entertaining website gives your customer the best experience.


We can help you formulate ideas to showcase your products and services in a fun and professional way.


We have been building presentations for over 22 years.  We enjoy working together to achieve the best results.

Digital Consultation

Level 1 – Daily rate
Level 2 – Weekly rate
Level 3 – Custom

How to Start

  • Email us your challenges or ideas.
  • We schedule a phone call to you.
  • After a discussion, we set a plan.

Our Consulting Approach

  1. We slow down to speed up.
  2. We go offline to go online.
  3. We move to learn.
    (Ask us what these mean)

Ask us about our 9 Levels of Website Enhancement to boost your business.

FAQ: Wakeboarding and Consulting

The challenges of wakeboarding are like the challenges of business.


“What does that have to do with business?”

“Wakeboarding can’t be as difficult as business,” you might say.  “Wakeboarding looks fun.  One just goes out there and does it.  It’s that easy.”

Or is it?

Wakeboarding takes more than strength to power your way through it.  It takes learning how to avoid getting hurt.  It takes learning about the sport.  And most of all, it takes time to understand how to master the skill.

We know business is not easy.  After 21 years of consulting, we have worked through some of the most difficult website challenges.

A PTI Solutions Group consultant makes creating a website an enjoyable experience.  It takes strategic planning to be successful.  We help you get up to speed quickly.  There’s a lot to learn.

We make the process fun.

We help you understand how it works through storyboards, explanations and idea generation.

There’s so much to learn and we are happy to help.

…and if you want to try wakeboarding – we are ready to go!