PTI was established in 1998 to meet customer needs of education, design and development of technology marketing products and services.

 Our Customers

PTI acknowledges and appreciates all the companies that work with us.

Future Growth

PTI provides you with business strategies, programs and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Forward Momentum

forward momentum in 2021

PTI Solutions Group Advantages:


  • 24 Years proven track record in business.
  • Relationship building with creative ideas.
  • Expertise in WEB, SEO, MEDIA and ECOMMERCE digital technology.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Authentic in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) via specialized technical programming, and through understanding of the rules and regulations, which give consistent lead-generation inquires.
  • Integrity with commitment, schedules and impeccable follow-through.
  • Trustworthy with projects; reliable, dependable, and proactive.

Company Statement

Communication and Teamwork is our goal – everyone wins!

What our customers are saying

Digital Strategy UX PTI Client Continental Electrical Construction Company

Steven Witz, Owner

PTI is a professional and thorough organization. They have assisted me and my business at Continental Electric with our design and brand growth. Thank you PTI !!

Digital Website Presentations PTI Client Marshall W. Nelson Associates

Mark Nelson, President

PTI Solutions Group is a very creative website design firm. Always staying on the cutting edge of technology. Thanks for your assistance designing our website and getting us to rank high on searches.

Tradeshow Presentation PTI Client Serac

Marc Binet, past President of Serac USA

Thank you Rick and PTI for the great job on search engine optimization and on our web design. Professional and friendly team!

PTI can provide solutions for your next digital project.